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Packing, Unpacking

Packing, Unpacking

Packing up and getting ready for the move…let Schneider Transport and Moving professional pack your household goods. We can pack the entire house, a few rooms or selected items. You let us know what needs to be packed and Schneider Transport and Moving will professionally pack and be ready for moving day.

Not sure if you have the time to pack?

How long will it take to pack the house? Before you touch a box, Follow our simple rules:

  • Divide and conquer Think small doable tasks. List all the rooms in your home that require packing. Using a spreadsheet will make this much quicker.
  • Time and Boxes- Next to each room, estimate the number of boxes required. See our list of boxes for size and capacity. Overestimate to ensure you have an ample supply of boxes. Schneider Transport and Moving can deliver the boxes before moving day and any unused boxes can be returned. Estimate the time required to pack each box. Now you can add all the packing time for a total time need. And total the number of boxes required.
  • Delegate (The fun part) – now you have a sheet with each room pack time and boxes required. Determine what can be pack now. Think storage, sell, and donate to further reduce packing costs and de clutter your home. Who can help? Your family members and friends, put a name next to each room. Hold a pizza party and distribute the list.
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General Packing Tips

  • Protect your items with packing material. Bubble wrap, clean news print work well.
  • Buy quality boxes
  • Pack all boxes as tightly as possible. Load heavier items on the bottom, to maintain balance.
  • Use real packing tape.
  • Label boxes clearly, on several sides. Write which room the box is moving to. on.

Packing Specific Items

Packing Specific Items
  • Lay books flat in the box. Alternate the spine and open-end, as you stack them, to keep their weight evenly distributed.
  • Place a clean piece of paper between books to prevent them from sticking to each other.
  • Keep the weight of the box manageable.
China/Dish Ware: China box
  • Before packing china, cushion the bottom of the box with plenty of crumpled newsprint paper.
  • Carefully wrap each larger piece of china individually with newsprint, and bundle up to three similar pieces together with one piece of newsprint.
  • Place each bundle into the box, standing upright to form a standing row. Do not lay them flat. Surround each bundle with plenty of crumpled paper.
  • Level 2-3 inches of crumpled newsprint on top of the bottom row, to support the next row of bundles.
  • The upper row should be comprised of smaller articles—cups, saucers, etc. – to keep the box properly weighted with heavier items at the bottom.
Clothing: Use a Wardrobe Box
  • Pack tailored clothing in a wardrobe box. Seasonal clothing should be packed separate.
Foldable Clothing: Use a Linen Box or other container
  • Clothes and other foldable items can be packed into laundry baskets/bags or suitcases.
Computers & Electronic: Use a China Box
  • Take photos of your wired connections and label the cables. Consider using colored ties from a container or office supply store.
  • Disconnect all wires and cables. Bundle these items together with their components, for quick reassembly.
  • If possible, use original containers for computers and electronics. Use proper packing materials (foam sheeting, newsprint paper, bubble wrap, etc.).
  • If the original container is not available, start by cushioning the bottom of your chosen box with plenty of crumpled paper. For flat screen TV’s, consider using a picture box.
  • Wrap your electronic item in clean newsprint or a plastic bag.
  • Place the item in the prepared box, and pad heavily on all sides to prevent damage. Have the item standing on its edge.
Stemware: Use a China box
  • Each piece of stemware should be wrapped in clean newsprint paper.
  • Stuff newsprint into each goblet and then wrap it around the stem.
  • Cushion stemware with a final thick wrapping of paper, and place the item in your container STEM UP.